Do Animals Fall In Love?


Is love a feeling that only humans can feel for each other, or can animals also be loving towards others? So can animals fall in love with each other? Here is the answer to all the questions in your mind

What Do Scientists Think About Animals Falling in Love?

Scientists who have been researching the nature of love and its scientific reality not only on humans around the world, but also on animals have revealed that animals can also fall in love.

A scientist named Helen Fisher, who has done various research on animals, said that just like a number of chemicals are activated in their bodies when people fall in love, animals also have changes in their bodies.
Prof. A scientist named Paul Zak, on the other hand, made observations on dogs and goats. It is seen that the hormone called oxytocin increases by 48% when the dog sees a goat he knows. Oxytocin is a hormone that activates the reflex.

What Do Pet Owners Think About Animals Falling in Love?

Of course, cat owners also have their own thoughts about whether their pets are in love or not. Because when cats look out cordially, if they see a cat they like, they react differently than usual. In the same way, dogs may react differently if they see a dog friend they know or a dog they like where they go every day. So much so that if that dog is a dog of the opposite sex, many dog owners may think that their pet likes, falls in love.

Although it cannot be proven whether animals are in love or not, we can say that they show their love to other animals and humans, and even often this happens quite intensely.

What Men Do To Impress the Female In Nature

  • A puffer fish draws symmetrical templates on the sand to affect its teeth.
  • Sea otters, on the other hand, are always together, even when they are listening and sleeping.
  • Primates are one of the rare creatures that can have relationships like humans, and they hug and kiss, looking into each other’s eyes.
  • The male bird of paradise expands its feathers and dances to impress the female.
  • Male lizards cling to the cage wires upside down so that their partners can sleep comfortably in their warm laps.
  • Manaking birds, on the other hand, first clean an area to impress the female, and then perform a dance show.

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