What Do They Want to Tell? 5 Different Lying Positions that Reflect the Feelings of Dogs


There is a Decently strong and mutually affectionate relationship between dogs and humans. Many people who share their homes with these cute friends; they express that they can communicate with their dogs, they can feel it when they experience discomfort. This close relationship between humans and dogs has a history of about 11 thousand years. Dec. Therefore, we can understand what they are feeling from the sounds they make, tail movements or facial expressions.

But can we tell how dogs feel from the way they sleep? According to experts, the answer to this question is yes! Lynne Fisher, who works for a private company that insures dog trainers in the United Kingdom, explained what 5 different sleeping positions mean for dogs. Let’s examine these forms of hospitalization and their meanings together.

  1. Curling
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According to Fisher, the curling position is a genetic habit. Our lovely friends feel safe in this position. According to experts, dogs curl up, trying to look small against threats. At the same time, they are able to warm their bodies when they sleep in this position. In fact, the curling posture is instinctive in humans.

  1. Lying on your side

Lying on your side is one of the most frequently preferred lying positions of dogs. Fisher notes that dogs do not lie down to sleep in this position, they lie sideways as sleep deepens. According to him, this position is the surest evidence of a deep and beautiful sleep.

  1. Above the belly button

If the dogs’ body temperature has increased too much, they can move to this position. Especially in the summer, dogs try to cool down like this. It seems that dogs from walking are also often in this position. Because after moving, their body temperature increases, and when they lie down on the cold floor, they stabilize the temperature.

  1. Hugging

We don’t need to try too hard to understand the hugging position! Your dog feels very close to you. Fisher explains: “If your dog’s favorite thing is to hug you, be honored, because it shows how attached they are to you. It would not surprise me to say that these dogs are the most loving ones. They tend to protect their siblings.”

  1. Lion pose
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According to experts, this pose can be one of the signs to show your dog’s playfulness. Unlike the belly-up position, dogs lie on their legs. According to Fisher, dogs like to rest when they are in this position. But they are not sleeping literally. For example, even if his eyes are closed, if you move, he will also move. If your dog is relaxing in the lion pose and you want to play with him, this is a great time!

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