10 Surprising Facts About Llamas That You Probably Haven’t Heard About


Lamas has become an important figure who often finds a place for himself in popular culture.

Of course, it’s not surprising that these creatures with an incredibly cute appearance have become the favorite animals of millions of people. But some of the features of the llamas are really quite amazing. Because the only skill of these cute creatures is not to be able to spit meters away! Here are 10 surprising facts about llamas that you probably haven’t heard about before…

  1. Llamas and camels come from the same family.
  2. They set foot in the United States at a date much earlier than humans

Hemiauchenia, considered the common ancestor of all modern llamas and other llama-like species, roamed the southern parts of the United States for thousands of years.

Llamas 1
Llamas 1
  1. Llamas first appeared in South America

In the Andes region, where the Inca civilization ruled.

  1. Although it is not well known, llamas are pets

Many years ago, people living around the Andes Mountains managed to tame llamas, which are one of the indigenous creatures of the region! The main reason for the domestication of llamas was that the people of the region wanted to use llamas as beasts of burden!

Llamas 2
Llamas 2
  1. they can spit from 4.5 meters away.

Spitting is one of the most well-known characteristics of llamas. it is also very natural that they have a reputation in this area with their “spitting ranges” over 4.5 meters. However, spitting is a clear sign that the llamas are angry about something.

But lamas who get angry about something have been known to stick out their tongues first, start spitting if they think they can’t express their message clearly enough. Finally, along with the lambs’ anger levels, the density of undigested gastric fluid in their saliva also increases!

  1. They talk Decently among themselves
Llamas 3
Llamas 3

These cute creatures are extremely social animals. Therefore, spitting is not the only way they use to communicate! They communicate Decently among themselves (when they are not angry) by mumbling.

  1. Llamas are much friendlier than thought

So much so that the characters of llamas, compared to some of their cousins in the ostrich family, are closer to dogs than to them!

  1. There is a highly variable hierarchical structure in llama herds

Because the males in the llama herd constantly have a desire to raise their social status. For this reason, it is common for there to be frequent fights in llama herds. The weapon that lamas rely on the most during a fight is their saliva.

  1. Llamas are being bred in some parts of the US to guard herds of animals
Llamas 4
Llamas 4

Throughout the historical process, llamas have helped people in more than one area. In modern times, the number of these areas has increased even more. in the 1980s, animal owners in the United States discovered that llamas are extremely good keepers. Because the llamas showed a high commitment to the herd they were guarding and fought to protect them…

But there was something else interesting that caught the attention of animal owners. They were performing their guard duties when there was only one llama in each herd. Because when there was more than one llama at the head of the herd, the llamas were not loyal to the herd, but to each other, they did not care about the herd! Llamas are currently being bred to guard herds of animals, especially in the western regions of the United States, which are full of wild animals.

  1. Today they are used as therapy animals
Llamas 5
Llamas 5

In particular, some hospices and schools in the USA receive help from specially trained llamas trained for therapeutic purposes.

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