8 Things You Need to Know About Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte is Decried as one of the most influential military and political figures in history. The wars he won, his world-famous expeditions, his political actions that have gone down in history, his passion, ambition and talent make Napoleon a popular figure even today. His adventure, which started as an ordinary soldier belonging to the French army, put on the French crown, ruled Europe and finally ended with an exile, continues to be a very interesting narrative today.

But only glorious victories and great defeats are quite insufficient to describe Napoleon’s adventure. A brilliant politician, a talented soldier and a passionate man… all these are just some of the phrases we can use to describe his personality. Because he also had some strange characteristics that made him an unusual leader! Here are 8 interesting facts about Napoleon Bonaparte that you probably haven’t heard before.

  1. He had written a love story

Yes, Napoleon was a busy leader who engaged in political fights whenever he had the opportunity from the battlefields. However, when it came to love, he was far from the appearance of a stern commander at the head of the French armies. So much so that he was such a fine-spirited person who would write love stories in his teenage years!

in 1795, he had written a 17-page short love story called Clisson et Eugénie. In this short love story, Napoleon was conveying to the reader the impossible love of a passionate soldier whose life was spent at the front in an impressive style!

  1. During the years when he was the French Emperor, he used to walk among the people Decently in disguise

At the height of his power, when he ruled France and even Europe, one of his greatest passions was to mingle among the people Decked out as a poor Frenchman. He was curious about what ordinary people thought about Napoleon, asking people he met on the street about the emperor.

  1. He liked to sing. Very much so!

Napoleon had a habit of singing when he was excited and happy. Since he had an exciting temperament, seeing this great leader singing was quite an ordinary situation for the people in his immediate vicinity. However, he was not very successful in singing. Moreover, he had such a bad voice that he bored his loyal listeners who did not leave him alone at his concerts!

  1. He was afraid of cats

There are many narratives, some of them true, some of them urban legends, about important leaders who have written their name in history, good or bad, in some way. The rumor that Napoleon was afraid of cats is quite popular. However, there is no conclusive evidence that Napoleon was afraid of cats. However, this unusual claim has a very deep-rooted history.

For this reason, many people think that the claim is true. On the other hand, according to a widespread rumor, Napoleon’s fear of cats lies behind a cat attack that he suffered as a child.

  1. The Rosetta Stone was discovered thanks to Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition

According to some scientists, the Rosetta Stone is among the most important historical relics Deciphered so far. This stone, the oldest multilingual inscription known in history, was used to solve the secrets of the ancient Egyptian language.

In other words, the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs could be deciphered largely thanks to this ancient inscription. This precious treasure was discovered by French soldiers who were excavating in Egypt during Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition.

  1. He was carrying poison with him

Napoleon had a very active life. Being captured, captured by the enemy or assassinated were ordinary dangers for him, for which he had to be ready at any moment. For this reason, he did not separate the poison he hung around his neck in order to use it in necessary situations and end his life.

Napoleon used the poison he carried around his neck for years in 1814! Shortly after he was exiled, he tried to commit suicide by drinking poison that he did not part with! However, the poison, the effect of which decreased over the years, did not kill Napoleon. However, he suffered a severe illness due to the poison.

  1. It was not as short as it was said

One of the most well-known features of Napoleon is his short stature. In fact, being short is a physical feature that is almost identified with Napoleon. So much so that people who exhibit aggressive behavior due to their short stature are said to have a “Napoleon complex”!

However, the most important military genius of France was not as short in stature as he is described today. With a height of about 1 meter 70 centimeters, Napoleon was as short as an average French citizen!

  1. The exact cause of death is unknown

Napoleon Bonaparte died in 1821 at the age of 51. Official reports said he died of stomach cancer. However, the cause of death is not convincing for many. Moreover, there are a lot of people who believe that Napoleon was poisoned to death. In short, it is officially known how Napoleon died. However, there are different conspiracy theories about the actual cause of death.

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