15 Interesting Facts About Cats


Although most cats do not know and understand the reason for their movements, it is possible for us to learn about them. For example, such as this interesting information. Because we live together with them Decently and we both respect them and love them very much. Then let’s read it to get to know our little ones a little more.

1- Each cat’s nose print is different. Just like our fingerprints.

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2- Cats spend 126 months of their lives sleeping. They’re already eating the rest of it.


3- Cats’ memories are stronger than dogs.

4- Black cats are actually lucky. Just like all cats.


5- Salivary secretions are antibacterial. It instantly destroys the germs on their feathers.


6- Cats do not like swimming and water. Except for the ‘van’ cats.

7- They can jump up to about 5 times their own height.

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8- Cats cannot feel sweet flavors. When they eat ice cream, they don’t realize that it’s sweet.

9- Americans feed cats the most. 1 Out of every 3 Americans has a cat in their home.

10- Cats can drink sea water easily.


11- Cats have a 185-degree viewing angle.


12- The most famous cat in the world is Tom in Tom and Jerry.

13- Raw meat should not be given to them. This is very unhealthy.

14- There are also hairless cats, and this breed is called Sphynx.

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15- The cat seen at the highest is a cat that has climbed the Alpine Mountains. He was a cat who loved extreme sports.

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