How Should A Regular Cat Care Be?


Combing Your Cat’s Hair

Cats are extremely clean animals. Jul. Nevertheless, helping to clean cats’ fur will be useful even for the most fastidious cat.

It is a good idea for cats to get used to combing and brushing their hair from a young age. This care will prevent uncomfortable knots for your cat and will help to remove dead hairs. This care, which will be performed regularly, will not only ensure that your cat‘s fur is healthy and clean, but also prevent the formation of hairballs in your home. Jul.

Combing your cat’s fur is the perfect way to establish a close bond with them. However, it also helps to control problems that you don’t want, such as an increase in fleas.

How Often Should Hair Care Be Done on Cats?

If your cat has long hair, we recommend that you comb it every day or at least 2-3 times a week. If your cat has short hair, it is enough to comb it once a week. Click on the dark colored place to browse the cat combs and brushes.

The Process of Brushing in Cats

When you notice that your cat’s fur is very tangled, brush it thoroughly with a cat brush. However, what you need to pay attention to is that the brushing process should be between 5 and 15 minutes Dec. Although cats like to be brushed, if they don’t seem willing at the moment, you can postpone this process to try again later.

The fur of long-haired cats sometimes becomes dull. If you see that the hairs are tangled and knotted in long-haired cats, you will need to be more careful and comb patiently. Holding the hairs just below the knot while brushing your cat will prevent the hairs from being pulled out. If you think that you can’t take care of your cat yourself, or if a problem has occurred that you can’t do, we recommend that you get a professional service from your veterinarian.

Washing Cats

Short-haired cats do not need to be washed unless they are very dirty or have an allergic condition. But washing long-haired cats from time to time ensures that their fur is well-groomed and helps prevent fat accumulation.

How to Wash a Cat?

In fact, most cats don’t like getting wet very much. Asking someone for help while doing the washing process will make your job easier. If you have a cat shampoo and a towel in your hand, one person can hold the cat while the other gently wash it.

Brush your cat thoroughly to open the knots formed as a result of entanglement in the hairs of your pet animal. When you do this process in water differently from normal, it will prevent the hairs from shrinking and getting stuck in the water or even hurting your cat.

If you are thinking of washing your cat in the bathroom, do not forget to prepare the water before bringing your cat to the bathroom. Otherwise, the sound of water and other movements may cause your pet to become even more frightened. Fill the washing bowl with water so that it reaches no further than your cat’s stomach and make sure that the water is warm. It is not necessary to have a bathtub while doing the washing process. Soapy water and 2 containers that you can use as a bucket for rinsing will be enough for you to wash your cat properly.

Tips to Make Your Job Easier When Washing Cats

When you have prepared the water for the washing process, put your cat in the bathroom and close the door. Because no one wants a cat running around in a soapy soapy house! If you want, you can put cotton inside your cat’s ears to prevent water from getting into his ears. Then put your cat in the water and say soothing words to him, reassure him with physical contact.

Gently wet their feathers with a glass or wet cloth. Do not try to pour water directly from your cat’s head and do not try to submerge your cat in water. Your cat may indicate that he does not want to bathe by meowing, screaming. Don’t worry, this is very normal. Just be careful not to hurt him.

Gently rub the cat shampoo into the hair and lather it on. Be careful not to get shampoo on your face, eyes and around your ears. When the shampooing process is finished, rinse thoroughly so that no residue remains on your cat’s skin. If you are going to choose a shower cap for rinsing, keep the hood close to your cat to minimize noise and spraying.

After Washing Your Cat

As soon as you take your cat out of the water, wrap it in a towel, pat it slowly and dry its feathers thoroughly. If your cat has long hair, it is very important to act gently to prevent knotting and tangling of feathers. If it seems like you can’t completely dry your pet with a towel, make sure your cat is inside until he is completely dry. Never try to use a hair dryer when drying your cat. Hot weather can burn your cat’s skin.

Cutting the Nails of Cats

Cats scratch to keep their nails short. You can cut their nails to help your cat with this. If you get your cat used to it when he is younger, your job will be easier in the future. When you don’t have time to do this process, you can get cat scratching boards that you can think of as a savior.

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