Do Animals Have Blood Groups Like Humans, Is It Possible for Them to Buy and Give Blood?


As you know, we all have one blood type. These blood groups are blood groups defined as A, B, AB or 0, that is, specific to humans. So, if we tell you that animals have different blood types just like humans, would you be surprised?

Every person’s blood type is different because there are various combinations of protein molecules of different structures, called antigens and antibodies, that make up the blood.

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For example, antigens are found on the surface of red blood cells, while antibodies appear in blood plasma. Blood groups are formed in animals in a similar way, but the blood type of each of them is not the same. How? Come on, let’s see.
But the blood types of animals are also determined by the antigens found in red blood cells…


Animals cannot take and give blood from other living beings. The reason for this is that the antigen is a substance with a protein structure, such as a virus, parasite, bacteria, which leads to the formation of antibodies when it enters the body. When animals take blood from different species, they can face very deadly consequences. Of course, the situation is similar in humans. A person can only be given a blood transfusion from another person whose blood type is compatible.
When we look at the blood group system of animals


The Blood Type of Animals

As mentioned above, since the antigens in the blood of animals are different from each other, the blood group system of each animal species is different from each other. For example, when we look at dogs, we see that a dog’s blood group is called DEA (Canine erythrocyte antigen), while another dog’s blood group number may be different. This shows that dogs have very different blood types even within themselves. For example, dogs 1.1, 1.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and there are 8 types of blood groups, including 8.

Representative picture of antigens

The blood group system of cats is simpler than that of dogs. Because cats have only 3 blood types, A, B and AB.



Of course, it should not be inferred from this that their blood structures resemble humans, because this is just a name similarity. For example, horses have 8 blood types, sheep have 7, cattle have 11, pigs have 16, and goats have 5 blood types.
It is thought that monkeys have similar blood types to humans.

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Monkey Blood Type

This claim is based on data obtained from experiments conducted on a small group of monkeys. Experts say that monkeys have similar blood types, although not the same as the A, B and 0 blood group system in humans. Academics say that in order for a blood transfusion (blood transfusion) performed on humans to be successful, there must be another blood group that has similar characteristics to people’s blood types. In this regard, it is thought that blood transfusions could theoretically be performed between mammalian species such as monkeys and humans if there is a suitable match. Dec.

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However, it should also be remembered that there are many differences between these types of A Dec-B Dec-0 blood groups that can negatively affect the success of the transfusion. Academics attribute these differences to the evolution of human ancestors and ape species moving away from each other in terms of reproduction. Because experts say that for this reason, the genes that determine the molecules on the surface of red blood cells begin to mutate and differentiate. Thus, they think that the blood structures also became different from each other.

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