You Can Die While Taking a Shower in Stormy Weather! Here is The Reason


Scientists warn not to take a shower or wash dishes during stormy weather when lightning and lightning events occur. So why? What is the connection of taking a shower at home with the lightning outside?

Lightning and lightning, which are scary for some of us and fascinating for others, are among the weather events that we cannot avoid. Dec. As long as the atmosphere exists, these natural phenomena will continue to occur, and if we are not careful, we may be one of the 24 thousand people who die or 240 thousand people who are injured due to lightning every year.

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Many of us know; one should not stand under a tree when there is a risk of lightning and lightning falls. In fact, many of us unplug electronic products at home and wait for the storm to subside. However, a document called ‘Lightning Safety Tips’ published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals how you can be safe at home during a storm. According to experts, one of the things we should avoid during stormy weather is water-related activities such as washing dishes or taking a shower. So why do experts say such a thing? What are the risks of taking a shower in stormy weather?

4 Rules you need to pay attention to to protect yourself from lightning in stormy weather

Avoid water-related jobs.

Do not use electronic devices connected to an outlet.

Stay away from windows, doors, verandas, columns.

Do not use devices with a terrestrial cable connection, such as a home phone.

Before continuing with our content, let’s look at how natural phenomena such as lightning and lightning occur. Clouds that move during a storm are filled with an electrical charge. This electric charge forms an electric current between clouds, that is, lightning, with the contact of Decently charged clouds. Lightning also occurs when lightning reaches the earth and grounding occurs.

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So what does all this have to do with taking a shower at home?

Lightning bolts naturally use the shortest and least resistant path when trying to reach the earth. High-rise buildings are also suitable for this event. This is exactly where the warning made by the experts begins.

Metal water pipes used in buildings serve as a near-perfect conductor for electricity. Moreover, water is also a very good conductor. Therefore, a lightning bolt falling on the top of a building prefers pipes filled with water to reach the earth in the shortest and least resistant way. If this extremely unlucky scenario happens, you may get caught up in the current, you may lose your life.

Moreover, taking a shower or washing dishes is not the only danger caused by lightning during a storm. The irons inside the carrier columns can serve as conductors for the current. In addition, using plugged-in appliances can also be dangerous in case of high current. Of course, these are extremely low-probability possibilities.

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