A State of Alienation from One’s Own Self, 5 Symptoms of Depersonalization Disorder


Living a healthy life is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays! Because today’s stressful and exhausting lifestyle makes it seriously difficult to stay healthy, especially psychologically. Unfortunately, all of these psychological disorders affect the lives of people suffering from the disease in an extremely negative way. “Depersonalization disorder” is one of the quite dangerous and interesting psychological disorders…

Depersonalization disorder means that a person loses his connection with himself! People who have this disorder feel disconnected from both their body and their body! So they become alienated towards their own selves! These people often get the feeling that they are “watching from the outside” or that they are in a dream! This dangerous and interesting psychological disorder can occur due to environmental and biological factors. Trauma, substance use, depression and stress are also important causes of depersonalization disorder. In addition, this disorder occurs in most cases together with more serious psychological disorders or as a symptom of them! Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful against the symptoms of depersonalization disorder! Here are 5 symptoms of depersonalization disorder…

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  1. Feeling like you’re watching yourself from the outside

One of the most common symptoms of depersonalization disorder is that a person feels like they are being watched from the outside. At these moments, a person feels as if he is constantly in a dream. It is not at all difficult to guess that this interesting situation is extremely difficult and painful.

  1. Decrease in sense of self

Another symptom of depersonalization disorder is a change in a person’s thinking about their own self. A person with depersonalization disorder gets the feeling that he never existed! Or he feels as if his own identity and existence are fading with time!

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  1. Memory problems

One of the typical symptoms of this dangerous psychological disorder is memory problems. A person suffering from depersonalization disorder has difficulty remembering the things he has experienced. In fact, he can’t even remember his own thoughts, feelings most of the time! Aside from not being able to remember the things he has experienced, a person is also unaware when the things he has experienced are happening!

  1. Deterioration of the perception of time
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Depersonalization disorder does not only cause the Decoupling of the connection between a person and his own self! People who suffer from this disorder also lose their ties with time to a large extent!

  1. Feeling that it’s not real

This feeling is perhaps one of the worst things that occurs with depersonalization disorder! Depersonalization disorder causes a person to feel that he does not really exist! This feeling can lead a person with depersonalization disorder to experience much more dangerous psychological problems.

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