Lavender Lemonade Recipe; Very Tasty


Lemonade has always been the most indispensable and refreshing soft drink of summer. You can create all kinds of lemonade recipes that you can diversify as it comes from. My favorite lemonade is the lavender-flavored one; I’m writing down the ingredients that you can easily access below and moving on to the recipe:

2 kg of lemon
750 g sugar
Two handfuls of mint
2 oranges
1 cup of lavender flowers


Let’s start by grating the peel of all the lemons and oranges, mixing them with 600 g of granulated sugar and setting aside the bitter taste of the peel to leave the sugar. we will squeeze the juice of all 2 kg of lemons and oranges thoroughly, take them into a deep container and pour the mixture of zest and granulated sugar we have prepared on them, mix until the sugar dissolves and we will get a dark consistency mortar.

Before throwing all the mint leaves into the mortar you have obtained, you can definitely hit it hard once or twice with your palm to make its smell come out faster and catch a more intense taste. Now we can put aside the mortar and prepare the lavender syrup.

lavantali limonata 1

January January 2019, to decorate with a few pinches of lavender flowers, separate and add the rest to a small bowl with 2 cups of water and 150 g of sugar, keep it on the stove until it boils and when it starts to boil, let’s remove it from the stove. Without waiting for it to cool down, you can immediately put it through a thin strainer and remove it from the pulp, throw a few ice cubes into it and leave it to cool. If the sugar of the lemonade mortar has completely melted, we also filter the mortar and take the sediment, then we pour the lavender syrup into it, which is diluted 1 to 1 with water and cooled, mix it thoroughly and finish the making of lavender lemonade.

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I prefer to shake it with ice in a shaker and mix it well before serving. You can serve the mouth of an oversized ice-filled glass with a mint leaf or two, decorate it with lavender flowers and lemon slices and serve it, or you can just make yourself happy by filling and filling the glass and drinking.
Enjoy your meal.

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