8 Artists Who Showed the Whole World That Art Does Not Recognize Obstacles


Talent is perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of human life. While talents enable individuals to realize themselves, they also make our world beautiful. Talented artists who have had to struggle with many difficulties throughout their lives have managed to leave incredible works of art to the world despite everything. Despite all the difficulties, we have brought together legendary artists who write success stories by Deciphering obstacles for you. You will be amazed when we briefly tell you about their stories. Here are the artists who do not recognize obstacles…

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven
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Of course, Beethoven first. The genius German composer and pianist Beethoven began to lose his hearing at the age of 26. Diseases that started with a severe tinnitus continued with syphilis, lead poisoning, typhus. Beethoven’s deafness prevented his performing and conducting career. However, it did not slow down his productivity as a composer. During the last twenty-five years of his life, when his hearing was lost, he wrote some of his best-known works, including the Ninth Symphony.

  1. Ray Charles
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Ray Charles is a name that witnessed a lot of trauma in his childhood. At the age of five, he witnessed the drowning death of his younger brother. Soon after, he gradually began to lose his sight, and by the time he was seven years old, he could no longer see at all. With the encouragement of his mother, he started music and learned to play the piano, organ, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet. by the age of 15, she was touring the country with dance groups. 20 With a career spanning the fields of R&B, jazz, soul, pop and country. he became one of the truly legendary artists of the century.

  1. Django Reinhardt

Reinhardt grew up in a place called a gypsy camp outside Paris, where he learned to play the guitar and violin. in 1928, the 18-year-old musician was badly burned in a trailer fire, his right leg was paralyzed and his left hand was partially crippled. Reinhardt learned to walk again with the help of a cane and started playing guitar using the index and middle fingers of his left hand. Inspired by Louis Armstrong, he focused on jazz and managed to become one of the greatest of all time in this musical genre. It seems that success finds us when we don’t give up.

  1. Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder was a baby born prematurely. The excess oxygen caused him to lose his eyesight. Wonder, who did not give up despite the difficulties, turned to music like his hero Ray Charles and learned to play various instruments such as drums, piano and harmonica. An 11-year-old boy, discovered by one of The Miracles members, was brought to Motown Records. In a short time, Stevie Wonder managed to announce his name and his songs began to become hits.

  1. Bill Withers

Bill Withers was a stutterer until he was 28. He said he was reluctant to talk to people. However, as an R&B singer-songwriter, Withers released songs such as “Use Me” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” and became the owner of tracks that were listened to fondly and featured in movies years later.

  1. Jeff Healey
hero backing track Jeff Healey

The late blues rocker Jeff Healey lost his eyesight due to cancer when he was one year old. Two years later, when he received a gift of a guitar for himself, he began to find his own style. He has sold millions of records thanks to his unorthodox style. His style, on the other hand, was described as incredibly soulful and fluent. In the following years, he also studied trumpet and clarinet.

  1. Ian Dury

Ian Dury, a teenager growing up in London, had contracted polio, and this disease caused him difficulty walking. But this obstacle made Dury even more determined to make his mark as an artist. as part of the punk-new wave movement of the late 1970s, Dury recorded interesting songs such as “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” and “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”. he continued to perform and record until his death in 2000.

  1. Rick Allen
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Rick Allen is at the end of our list of artists who do not recognize obstacles. in 1984, while driving to a New Year’s Eve party, artist Rick Allen began to race with another driver. Allen’s loss of steering control led to him being thrown out of the car and having his left arm amputated. Doctors tried to reattach the arm, but could not. Depressed, Allen thought his career was over. Despite this, Def Leppard resumed playing with the support of his bandmates and a renovated drum kit, using foot pedals to fill in percussive rhythms. His first album with the band, Hysteria, sold 20 million copies.

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