8 Interesting Facts About Ladybugs That You Probably Haven’t Heard Before


We have researched the most adorable of insects, the ladybug, for you. Here are 8 interesting facts about ladybugs that you will want to keep in your home…

When it comes to insects, one of the first insects that comes to our mind is the ladybug. This insect, which is even the subject of our childhood games, is quite cute, unlike its relatives. It is said that the ladybug, which shows its height with black spots, brings good luck to a person. If you also want to learn more about ladybugs, you are at the right place! We have researched and written these cute little ones for you. Here are 8 interesting facts about the ladybird that you’ve never heard before…

  • Ladybugs are not really insects!

The ladybug is not actually an insect. True insects belong to the Hemiptera family. For example, August bugs and bedbugs are members of this family. Ladybugs, on the other hand, are part of the Coleoptera, which we can call a different “insect” team. For this reason, many entomologists prefer to call them coccinellids instead of ladybugs.

  • Contrary to popular belief, there are many colors

When it comes to ladybugs, many of us think that they are only in red and black colors. If we say that from ashy gray to metallic blue, ladybugs can be in many different colors. Sometimes they even appear in solid colors or different patterns. The number of spots also varies depending on the type of ladybug, some ladybugs have two spots, while others may have twenty-two.

  • These different colors are actually warning signs

If you are an animal, you need to develop various strategies to avoid being eaten by other animals. For example, they can secrete chemicals to make it taste bad, or distract predators with bright colors. The bright colors of ladybugs not only make them look beautiful, but also protect them from predators. We can call it a kind of warning.

Ladybugs 2
  • Ladybugs use toxic chemicals to protect themselves

There is no need to panic at all! In order for ladybugs to poison people, you need to be exposed to the poison they produce by the kilos. However, many ladybugs produce toxins to protect themselves from birds of prey. In this way, their taste becomes unpleasant and the birds stop eating them.

  • They lay extra eggs so that their offspring can eat

Mother ladybugs lay eggs in clusters on plants. Of course, not every one of these eggs turns into a baby. Some also do not have embryos. These empty eggs are a delicious gift for newly hatched larvae.

  • Ladybird larvae resemble alligators
Ladybugs 4

When you think of baby ladybugs, hearts may come out of your eyes. But the situation is not quite as you think! The ladybug larva is crocodile-like, spiny and long. Even if they look scary, they can’t hurt people.

  • Adult ladybugs can fly thanks to their hidden wings

We agree that the ladybird does not have an aerodynamic image. So how do these insects fly? Ladybugs lift the protective cover on their backs when they take off. Thin and perfect wings come out from under it. These wings are stored folded when they are not flying, and they are opened quickly at the moment of takeoff.

  • Ladybugs are traveling the world because of us!

It is possible to see different types of ladybugs in different parts of the world. Although sometimes they move consciously, sometimes they travel by holding on to the traded goods. Of course, the results are not always good. Some invasive ladybug species can cause serious damage to the ecosystems they have just joined.

Ladybugs 3

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