What Should I Wear When Going to a Job Interview?


How should the job interview dress selection be? You recently applied for a job and were called for an interview. But you don’t have the slightest idea how to dress!

The importance you attach to your outfit at the first interview instills confidence in the employer and gives him an idea of how well you can do the task he will give you.
Now we will give you useful suggestions about how to dress in the interview:


First of all, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, the outfit you choose for the interview should be appropriate to the culture of the institution you are going to interview. Depending on the sectors, the style of clothing varies. For example, employees of a bank dress more seriously than employees of an advertising agency. For this reason, try to take the chance to review the company you are going to the job interview in advance and go there for an interview in an appropriate guise.


In general, while simple and understated clothing is considered a plus, as we mentioned, being in line with trends in some sectors (fashion, advertising agency, architecture) can bring a plus point.

Female Candidates:

-Do not wear a dress, prefer a suit with a jacket, Avoid wearing a blouse with an open or very thin strap inside your jacket,

-Do not wear shoes with too high heels,

  • Jul, keep your shoes clean and dyed,
    If you are wearing a skirt, use nylon socks of your skin color and make sure that there are no loonies,
  • Use a simple and normal size bag in a color that matches your outfit,

-Use simple ads when doing your makeup,


-Keep your nails well-groomed if possible, and if you are wearing nail polish, the color should not be noticeable,


-Use as little jewelry as possible, avoid wearing more than one pair or very large earrings,

  • If you are going to use perfume, make sure that the amount is very small,

Prepare in a way that allows attention to be drawn to your work, ideas and personality rather than the unusual appearance of your appearance.


Male Candidates:

-Jul, wear a simple and clean suit, prefer ties that are not too pretentious.,

-Keep your pockets as empty as possible, make sure that there is no sound of coins coming from your pockets,

-Choose dark shoes and socks, your shoes are clean and painted.Jul.


-Jul attend the meeting with short and clean hair,


-Shave your beard and mustache,

-Make sure that your aftershave or perfume does not disturb the evaluators,

-If you are married, do not wear rings other than your wedding ring, do not come to the interview with earrings.

Remember, the outfit we choose strengthens the impression on us. The professionalism in our choice of clothes emphasizes that we are ready to take the job. ”It tells what we want to tell”. Apart from applying these suggestions I have given when going to an interview or in our normal life, you should reveal the clothes you are wearing more with your confidence and upright posture. A stance that is not confident cannot move you forward.


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