14 Things That Those Who are Passionate about Gothic Style Know Very Well


Gothic clothing style; tulles, lace, velvets and leather have been permanent in the minds with the clothes that come to the fore. One of the must-haves in clothes completed with thick and high heels is a combination of makeup and hair. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of people who like gothic..

1- Whether the age is 15 or 50, a gothic detail is necessarily added to each outfit.

dark gothic fashion 2012

2- They strongly deny that Gothic style is a love of adolescence. Loving the dark version of everything is a story of love that will last a lifetime.

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3- They have an endless interest in black. For example, a black phone, a black laptop, black ice cream, even a black-looking Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…

4- His hands do not go to any kind of colorful clothes. Even in summer, they find everything dark colored. The person who wears black lace on the beach is, of course, a gothic.

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5- For some reason, black social personalities, as well as pink, appear when they are alone.


6- The Gothic style is not limited to just clothes, of course. Gothic metal bands, churches, horror movies, vampire literature and more.

7- If there is a gothic somewhere, there is definitely a quote from Edgar Allan Poe there.

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8- They don’t send kiss emojis to each other. Coffins, bats, vampires Decamp between the two goths.

9- A big issue that may bother them: fading blacks.

10- They really like taking gothic selfies, posing gothic poses. Although they are often strange, they have not entered this path for approval anyway.


11- Gothic enthusiasts are good cat lovers.

12- For a gothic, an evening dress means a corset and a tulle dress. In fact, they are often seen gliding in their black wedding dresses at their weddings.

13- Goths also have fashion icons, their own Kim Kardashians. Such as Eva Green, Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Manson, Morticia Addams, for example.

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14- Wearing boots in summer, full tattoo, cat eye makeup, long black nails, big hats, witch fashion… Give Gothic lovers a voice?

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