The Effects of the Full Moon on People


Throughout history, many signs have been found that the full moon affects our mood. So how true is what has been said about the full moon for centuries according to modern science? Although there is no fully documented scientific evidence, frequent events push experts to research and think. If you are also wondering about the effects of the full moon on people, this article is for you!

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Can the full moon affect people emotionally?

Although some people don’t believe in the emotional dimension of this, there are many people who feel the effect of the full moon. A lot of research has focused on Deciphering the connection between the moon and emotions. Finally, it was found that the stretching of our nerves may be related to the full moon. It is thought that people who are mentally ill and prone to crime, in particular, may commit crimes with neurotic behavior during the full moon. It is also often cited as the cause of neurotic behavior. It is suggested that the water contained in the human body is affected by the tidal force of the moon. Although this is an opinion that has been put forward and talked about for a long time, it is worth saying that it is only a theory. According to research conducted on this subject, Anne Wirz-Justice, a ronobiologist, suggests that the cycles of the moon are related to people’s emotions, behaviors and subconscious desires. The strong vibrations of the moon shake us with its energy, which can cause changes from time to time.


Are the moon and madness connected?

For centuries, myths and stories have been put forward about the moon and how it affects humans globally. English Latinized lunaticus, which means “moonstroke”, is the word for insanity, and it is actually derived from the Latin lunaticus, which means “moonstroke”. Both the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Roman naturalist Pliny believed that insanity and illness were caused by the Moon. Since the past years, the moon effect has been associated with strange and crazy behavior.

You may feel exhausted

You may want to be aware of what the full moon brings to us. The effects of this can vary from person to person. Some may feel exhausted. Especially if it is a period when you are not feeling strong spiritually, you may feel that this peaks during the full moon. In general, it is known that the full moon triggers discussions. For this reason, you can also experience tides in relationships.


You may feel refreshed

In addition to people who feel exhausted, there are also people who feel refreshed and alive with the full moon. This situation can be related to events that have been happening in your life recently. Usually, people feel more open and free during the transition periods of the months. During these periods, thinking more, communicating may peak.

What should we pay attention to during the full moon?

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It is known that people tend to behave strangely during the full moon. Crime rates are increasing during this period, and therefore there are more injuries. There is some evidence that shows that people who are sick have more seizures. The full moon can also trigger events such as sleepwalking and premature birth. You may also feel that your mood has changed. You may want to be more careful during this period due to the high number of accidents. Although there is no concl Decently scientific evidence between the moon and human emotions, these effects may be related to your sleep rhythm and personal mood.

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