The 5 Shortest Wars in History


War is a destructive phenomenon that everyone in their right mind would like to avoid. Unfortunately, however, it is a fact of life. On the other hand, human history is full of tragic and interesting wars, in some of which groundbreaking weapons were used, in others millions of people lost their lives. What makes some wars interesting is their duration. Although many of us think of bloody struggles that last for months or even years when it comes to wars, there are also wars that end in the blink of an eye. Here are the 5 shortest wars in history, from the Anglo-Zanzibar War to the 100-Hour War.

  1. The Anglo-Zanzibar War (40 minutes)

When Khalid bin Bargash came to power as the ruler of Zanzibar in 1896, the British Empire took action to strengthen its dominance in the region. Because Bargash wanted to put an end to British rule. This change of power in Zanzibar resulted in the shortest war in history.

the shortest war1
the shortest war1

The British navy, which held Zanzibar from the sea to the cannonball, achieved an absolute victory in a very short time. The battle, in which 500 Zanzibars lost their lives, lasted only 40 minutes.

  1. Invasion of Anjouan (1 day)

The Invasion of Anjouan, which was among the shortest wars in history, ended in just one day. Dec. Soldiers affiliated to the African Union, formed by 55 states in Africa, set foot on Anjouan Island in 2008. during the 1-hour siege, the rebel troops on Anjouan Island were neutralized and the island was returned to the control of the Comoros government.

  1. 100 Hour War (100 hours)

Wars are often referred to by the name of the region where they took place. However, there are also battles named with the time elapsed from the beginning to the end. The 100-Hour War that brought Honduras and El Salvador together is one of them.

Two neighboring countries, Honduras and El Salvador, faced off on a green field in 1969 to qualify for the 1970 FIFA World Cup finals. The first match ended with a win for El Salvador. The second match was won by Honduras. For this reason, it would be determined which country would participate in the World Cup based on the result of the third and final match.

However, during the return of these football matches, relations between the two neighbors had Decayed from good to good. A large number of El Salvadorans who emigrated to Honduras were portrayed by the Honduran government as responsible for the economic crisis in the country. The government was about to implement a bill that Decoupled the lands belonging to the immigrants from El Salvador among Honduran farmers. Here is the match on June 27, 1969, which was held under these conditions…

El Salvador ended the fight played on a neutral site with a 3-2 lead with a goal in the overtime minutes. The finishing whistle on the green field also meant the beginning of the war Decider between the two countries! Relations Decayed between the two countries after the match and officially turned into a war on July 14th.

The clashes, also called the Football War, ended in a short period of 100 hours. There were no winners of the war. Nevertheless, about 3,000 people lost their lives in this war, which is Decried as one of the shortest wars in history.

  1. The Russian-Georgian War (5 days)
the shortest war2 1
the shortest war2

In the 2000s, some people living in the Georgian provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia began to voice their demands to leave Georgia more loudly. The biggest supporter of the independence demands rising from two different regions was Russia. This situation had caused a serious tension between the two countries.Dec.

by the year 2008, this tension turned into a war that caused concern all over the world. However, the Russo-Georgian War ended in 5 days. When the ceasefire was signed between the two countries Dec, Georgia had 400 casualties and Russia had 65…

  1. The 6-Day War (6 days)

the war that took place between Israel and Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Jordan in 1967 was completed in a short time despite the participation of many countries and took its place on the list of the shortest wars in history. Dec.1967, the war between Israel and Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Jordan was completed in a short time.

the shortest war3
the shortest war3

the political strife that started with the border disputes in the Middle East in the 1960s and escalated exponentially led to the outbreak of a bloody war in 1967. Israel’s preparations for invading Syria led Egypt to plan a military operation against Israel. The involvement of other Arab states in the region in the war at various levels made the conflicts, called the Arab-Israeli War or the 6-Day War, the most remarkable development of the period.

Although many Arab states united against Israel, the war lasted only 6 days. Moreover, the side that left the battlefield with a decisive victory was Israel. On the other hand, the 6-Day War has a privileged position among the shortest wars in history. Because the loss of life in other wars that ended in a short time was much more limited, while about 20,000 people lost their lives in the 6-Day War.

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