10 Phrases That Women Really Like to Hear


We all like to hear nice words, be kind and sincere to us. But there are some sentences that can affect women and those with a female spirit extra. At the beginning of these sentences, of course, I love you. Another sentence that is at least as effective as her is the thank you sentence. Let’s see what we can say to them to melt the hearts of women and those who accept themselves as women. In addition to these words, if there is a tiny succulent, a box of chocolates filled with cherries or a handmade creative gift, it will not be eaten from its taste.

1- “What do you think about this?” Women are pleased that their ideas are received, that their thoughts are given importance and that they are a part of the issue.

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2- “You have lost weight.” Sometimes this phrase alone is even more than enough for sweet and warm moments.

3- “You are very sexy.” So is this sentence.

4- Your shoes are very stylish, your hair looks nice, your outfit suits you, you have a beauty on you today… Women want to feel beautiful. And they want this beauty to be caused primarily by them and then by their choices. The fact that this is expressed makes women happy.

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5- “You are a strong and intelligent woman. I believe you can do anything you want.” It is very important for a woman to show that she is trusted and believed in.

6- “I miss you when we’re not together.” Knowing that you are always being thought about gives a woman confidence and makes her feel good.

7- “I understand you.” What do women want? Women want to be empathized with and understood by themselves. Because sometimes they can even try to tell something with their eyes.

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8- “Come on, let’s talk about this.” Talking, arguing means getting closer to a solution for a woman. This helps him to pour out his heart and relax. He doesn’t have to guess, he doesn’t have to be paranoid.

9- “How was your day?” It’s the sentence every woman wants to hear at the end of the day. Because he knows that he is cared for and connects wholeheartedly with the person who cares.

10- “It’s so nice to be with you.” Here is a sentence that should be used for a woman to feel pleasant. Women enjoy making other people’s lives beautiful.

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