You May Have Lived Too Without Realizing It! What is the ‘Ghosting’ That Most of Us Experience?


Have you ever suddenly cut off your relationship with someone and disappeared for no reason before? Did you know that this situation has a counterpart in literature? Research has shown that about 60 to 70 percent of adults ignore someone at some time in their lives and suddenly leave their lives without any explanation.

And what is the reason for this situation? We invite you to read our content in which we examine what the phenomenon of ‘ghosting‘ is, its causes, consequences and, along with it, its effects on human psychology. You can also find a few tips that can help you notice and avoid this situation in the continuation of our article.

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“Ghosting” refers to the state of suddenly disappearing all your conversations with a certain person, without giving that person even a reason or indicating that you want to break off your relationship with them.

Or, in short, when you send even a message and don’t want to talk without specifying the situation, you are ‘ghosting’ someone. It is possible that you will encounter this situation not only in your romantic relationships, but also in your platonic relationships.

This phenomenon is not just a problem associated with the present, and examples of it have been encountered in the past.

According to a relationship expert;

‘Ghosting’ used to be about leaving someone at once and walking away from them, or not sharing address, phone and similar contact information with them. Even older origins, unnoticed from a party or social event, or ‘Goodbye. it meant a simple action such as leaving without saying ‘.

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So why do people prefer to ignore this situation rather than face it?

‘Ghosting’ can usually occur as a result of someone not liking confrontation or just showing laziness and making them feel more comfortable.

People avoid confrontation because they see it as a much easier way out.

For some people, the idea of cutting off all communication with the other party at once or focusing on the person himself without having to explain to anyone seems much easier compared to explaining to the other person why he wants to end the relationship.

This gives information about the person who is ignored compared to the person who is ignored.

One of these information is the person’s mood. People who resort to this situation may have acquired an avoidant attachment style strategy for themselves, and they also tend to avoid all kinds of emotional intimacy.

As psychology professor Tara Collins points out; ‘People who don’t want emotional intimacy are much more likely to ignore it.’and it also sheds some light on the moods of people who see ‘Ghosting’ as a way out.

“Ghosting” is usually seen at the end of a short-term relationship.

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Ghosting usually occurs in short-term relationships where people don’t have the opportunity to really connect or get close enough to form a tight relationship. The person who ignores believes that there is also no real reason to explain the breakup or loss of interest, because he does not fully connect to the other party or develop real feelings.

Research has revealed that 43 percent of people prefer to ignore them completely rather than indicate that they are not interested in the other party.

37 Percent of people preferred to completely break off communication when they saw that there was a feature they didn’t like on the other side. And 36 percent could not say that they did not want a relationship because of their intensity, because they thought it was too late now. So these people also avoided that ‘strange’ conversation they had to have.

It is quite possible that being ignored creates a void on the person that will cause really deep suffering. So what should you do if such a situation happens to you?

The most important thing you need to focus on is yourself.
We are aware that it is easier to say this than to do. We can also understand the fact that the ignored person gets stuck in his own mistakes to the extent that he wears himself out as a result of the interrogations and sudden changes of emotions he experiences.

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But this awareness is the first step that you need to take for your own sake.

Ask yourself, ‘What was my mistake or lack that I was experiencing these things?’ don’t say. It’s probably not your fault. Also, in most cases, the person who ignores it may also have problems that they can’t cope with on their own or that even you don’t know about. He doesn’t want to deal with them and he won’t.

You may feel sad, which you have the right to do. But humiliating yourself for this reason should never be an option.

So how do you avoid”Ghosting” someone?

The answer is quite simple; communicate. Instead of disappearing out of nowhere or not giving the other person a real reason to stop talking to him, try to be honest with him. Believe us, there are many ways to tell someone that you’re really not interested.

It means a lot for someone to take time out of their day for us.
If you have reasons not to talk, you should explain, be clear to the person in front of you. Try this the next time you’re afraid to face it or want to leave it at that moment.

What do you think about this?

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