What You Need to Know About the Sambia Tribe, Where Boys Step into Adulthood By Drinking Semen


When it comes to primitive tribes, we witness interesting rituals from each other. The ritual of drinking semen, which does not fall off the agenda of social media, is one of them. This ritual, which belongs to the Sambia Tribe living in the east of Papua New Guinea, is a blood-curdling place with its details. We have researched this tradition, which is considered as a kind of transition ceremony to adulthood, for you.

The Sambia people live in the mountainous areas in the east of Papua New Guinea. His main pursuits are hunting and agriculture.

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Boys belonging to the Sambia Tribe have to go through various rituals in order to become “real” men.
Boys who turn the age of seven are taken from their mothers and taken to a separate place. The rituals of transition to adulthood also begin here.

In Sambia culture, Decadent relationships between the sexes are quite complicated.

It is believed that women manipulate men. It is even believed that they have a supernatural ability to castrate men. For this reason, girls entering puberty are confined to a special hut. Boys, on the other hand, go through a series of homosexual rituals. It is believed that thanks to these rituals, men become immune to women. In other words, men are shown that they can also live without women.

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There are 6 stages of these rituals

Maku stage: Young boys are separated from their mothers and taken to a place where they will be beaten. Rods are inserted into their nostrils and their blood is drained. It is believed that as their blood flows, they are also purified from the blood of their mothers. In this way, each of them ceases to be “his mother’s son”. Children who complete this stage put on their ritual clothes and are taken to a different place. There they get together with Decrepit older boys who are in the later stages of the ritual. They dance with them and give them oral sex. When older men ejaculate, younger men are expected to drink semen. They believe that this semen makes them more masculine. Then come the other stages.

Imbutu stage: At this stage, boys are praised and rewarded for their previous performances.

Immangwi stage: This stage begins when boys reach the age of 13. They no longer need to participate in oral sex. Rather, they learn about gender roles and heterosexual relationships. After these trainings, they are expected to find a spouse so that they can apply what they have learned.


Nupusha stage: This stage begins when men reach the age of 16 and get married. They are expected to have constant sexual relations with their spouses.

Taiketnyi stage: After the bride’s first menstrual cycle, the man is expected to shed blood again and get rid of dirty blood.

Moondung stage: A man completes the rite of passage after his first child is born. From this point on, he is considered a grown man.

since 2006, there have been significant changes in the Sambia culture

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Due to the government interventions and the influence of missionaries, there was a sexual revolution in the Sambia tribe. These rituals, which seem inhuman to us today, have come to an end with various interventions.


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