Ways To Spend The Menstrual Period Calmly


If everything is going well, we are going through this process almost every month. So, do we prefer to feel sluggish and unhappy every time, or do we prefer to spend this period comfortably? I think we would all have the same answer to that. None of us would prefer symptoms such as fatigue, reluctance, depression. We know that there are ways to make the symptoms of the menstrual period milder. Eating right, sleeping well, doing light exercises, drinking plenty of water and avoiding certain foods really makes a lot of difference. There is also a need to meet this period naturally and to be in harmony with this period.
It’s a fresh vision. To see the menstrual period as a part of our nature and to be whole with both our nature and nature during this period. In fact, a little to enjoy the menstrual period by turning the conditions in our favor. Yes, it is possible to enjoy the menstrual period. Because this is a moment when we are closer to ourselves, connect and have a chance to turn inward. Besides, there are no good things about being on your period either. Our body is talking to us, giving us a health report. We are being renewed and revived. Our skin glows with the hormone estrogen. Our intuition is sharpening like a wolf. That’s why we can look at him with more positive eyes.


Now I start my words by saying that we should treat ourselves well during menstruation, listen to our body, be comfortable and natural, and I continue with what we can do to spend our menstrual period like this…

1- It’s okay to be a little lazy during this period. Important negotiations, decisions can wait a little. Now you and your hormones want order, not chaos.

2- You don’t need to Decouple from skin care. Your skin may not be able to tolerate intensive applications during this period, but you can take care of it from where you are lying. That’s what moisturizing paper masks are for.


3- A warm shower calms you down while relaxing your body. Because your pores need to breathe, and you need to feel fresh.


4- If you don’t feel like doing something and you have such an opportunity, don’t do it. Your excuse is very clear: you should stay with yourself now and enjoy the slowness with slow music.

live music

5- Caffeine, extra salt, too fatty foods can cause bloating. If feeling bloated is a cause of discomfort, no matter how you look at it. That’s why they should wait a little.

6- There is always room for dessert. You can consume a plate of sweets to feel happy during this period. You will be more comfortable if you choose your dessert with milk or fruit.

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7- Baggy clothes, cheerful socks, a tiny blanket, the safe comfort of a hot water bag, light massage… Sounds very peaceful, doesn’t it?

8- Yoga has something to do with finding inner balance and emptying your mind. Besides, it relaxes the muscles by adding movement to your life and therefore relieves November’s pains. What more do we want!


9- You can get support from foods and teas that will relieve your cramps and increase your mood, such as dark chocolate, chamomile tea. They are your close friends at this time.

10- Let the stress be away from you. How? By doing the things you love. Then open your book, movie, music and let yourself go.

Let’s get to the last word… Spend your period in a calm and peaceful way, not by breaking away from life, feeling heavy and exhausted. Keep your inner energy high, stay in your center. Because every period of your life is precious.

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