Ways to Reduce Abdominal Swelling During Menstruation


Every woman struggles in a ball of troubles that start 1-2 weeks before her period and disappear when her period ends. If we leave aside the pains and pains, the biggest problem of women during this period is bloating and weight gain due to pay in the body. Expanding waist, swelling breasts, tummy that’s like a stone and clothes that can’t fit inside…

It all looks very familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, but it is possible to get out of this vicious circle that we are all living in. With the little tips I will give you, you can spend this period much more comfortably.

Water is the main thing: drinking 2.5-3 liters of water a day reduces edema. When insufficient water is consumed, the body will retain every drink of water to protect itself, which will cause you to swell up more.

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Exercise regularly: Exercise regularly. It has been observed that there are fewer complaints in women who exercise regularly.

Stay away from salt and sugar: you should reduce salt. A few days before menstruation begins, you should stay away from salt and salt-containing ready-made foods,pickles, canned food, that is, salt-rich foods. Pay attention to sugar consumption, because sugar needs a lot of water to be digested, and the body retains water. If you do these things, there will be a decrease in complaints such as swelling, edema, breast growth and tenderness. I hear you say sweet crises. Just be patient for a while, I’ll have great suggestions for you below for this.

Eat little and often: Try to eat less and often. Try eating five or six small meals instead of three. Try to choose these meals from whole grain products or vegetables-fruits.

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If you say ”I can’t do it without sweets” here: If you say that I can’t spend my period without sweets, of course, healthy desserts can be consumed with small portions. As long as it doesn’t exceed once a day, there’s no problem. These will help you get over the dessert crisis and are very healthy: rice pudding, fresh pineapple, dried apricots, dried figs, cinnamon tea or cinnamon milk and fruit.

And this is a bonus: Edem putter water recipe

I’m giving you a recipe that you can consume all day long and won’t force you, appreciate it. Brew green tea with a glass of water and let it rest. Then add parsley, ginger, mint, cinnamon stick, apple or lemon slices to a liter of water and mix. add the green tea you October have rested for about 5 minutes to the mixture. You can consume it after resting for half an hour. Enjoy your meal!

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