What is a Misogynist, Who is a Misogynist?


Mizogini, which is experienced all over the world and which we encounter frequently in our lives, means misogyny by the definition that many people know better. This term has such a broad expression that even some curses and some actions performed in everyday life can be indicative of misogyny. For this reason, in order to be more careful and sensitive, we answered questions such as what is mizojini, how did it come about and who is a mizojinist.

What is mizogini?

Misogyny is the coldness, antipathy or exaggerated hostility felt towards women. Greek English term ”misogyny” is derived from the Greek words for woman (gyne) and to hate (misein). Compared to anti-female sexism, misogyny, although it is usually seen in men, can feed hostility against women in some women. Misogyny can even appear in an expletive or action that is performed in everyday life.

How did this term come about?

The first traces of mizogi appear in Greek mythology. Zeus prepares a gift for him to punish Prometheus, who stole the fire from the sky and brought it down to earth. This gift, on the other hand, is a woman whose example was conceived as an unprecedented evil. Zeus orders the Olympian gods at his command to prepare a box. Then he sends the box as a gift to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. Epimetheus, unable to resist Pandora’s attraction, makes her his wife.


According to Greek legend, when the box given to Pandora as a dowry was opened, people were condemned to sadness, premature aging, illness and painful death. Pandora opens the box and evil enters the earth with a woman. But the culprit here is not the male god who created evil and pain, but Pandora, who was given to him as a gift and opened the box that he was told not to open, so it is believed that he showed weakness by succumbing to curiosity, and according to Greek mythology, was the first woman.

In monotheistic religions, it is explained that men are superior to women. Especially in the Torah, it is written that the man was created first, and then the woman was created from the rib bone of the man. Thus, the idea that a man is superior to a woman arises. Although there is no mention of such a creation in the Qur’an and the Bible, the same idea exists in Islam and Christianity. This idea expresses that women are in the secondary plan and under the control of men. In Christianity and Judaism, the female body is seen as the embodiment of evil and sin. In Islam, on the other hand, the female body is a symbol of incitement rather than evil.

Who is called a misogynist?

misogyny 1

There are more mizogenists in all areas of life than even you might think. While some people are aware of misogyny, others do it without realizing it. In other words, there are many mizogenists around you, perhaps even in your family. Why people are mizogenists may be related to negative events or mental problems they have experienced in the past.

For example, the fact that an individual who is misogynistic has been disappointed by his mother, older sister, teacher or girlfriend is considered one of the factors of the onset of misogyny in an individual. In addition, a mental disorder can also have a big impact.

So how does mizogini manifest itself in society?

It is possible to see mizojini throughout society. Violence against women, women who earn less wages despite doing the same job as men, the view and deception of women as sexual objects are just some of the examples we can give for misogyny. In addition, the idea that women should only raise children and deal with household chores is one of the best examples that can be given to misogyny. Apart from these, since some of the curses you use in daily life are aimed at humiliating women, these curses may make you a misogenist without realizing it. For this reason, we should always take care to be careful and sensitive.

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