Investments You Should Make Before You Turn 40 To Avoid Regrets In The Future



When we reached our twenties, we wanted to become maybe a DJ or maybe a strip dancer. But life is not that simple. Because what we call life is not entirely living according to our tastes. I don’t want to be a rich husband hunter or a house bird. If you don’t want to take on such stereotypical mediocre characters and want to live a prosperous life in your forties, we have explained in detail the investments you need to make for yourself in this article!

  1. Invest in yourself.

It may seem a little strange, but we should consider ourselves a bank. Let’s say this bank is our mental health and let’s invest in this bank every day. If there is no investment in this bank, it will go bankrupt. Sometimes we can even lose our perception of reality. This is a very tiring process for individuals. Therefore, such individuals should receive professional support, eat well and not consume unhealthy foods. Many people are able to recover from childhood traumas by investing in themselves.

Please do this:

Get psychological support, play sports, eat healthy, get a good night’s sleep and read books. It may seem difficult at first, but then you can have very big turning points.

  1. Let time flow backwards!

your 40s and 50s will be very difficult for you if you didn’t invest when you were young.

People think that they will be very comfortable with retirement and waste money. Instead of acquiring a solid investment habit, they have become accustomed to spending this money unnecessarily.

They see every promotion they get, every bonus and every new item as a tool they use to show off to other people.

Forget about showing off!

Status does not make life perfect. This status will never bring you happiness if you do not have time. The real happiness is in time management.

Please do this:

Learn how to invest, and set aside 20% of the money you earn according to the inflation rate. If you do this, you will have made a healthy savings and your money will not melt in the face of inflation.

  1. Invest in your environment.

A lot of job offers are the kind that will make you part of capitalism. Therefore, your environment does not become permanent and is going through a constant cycle of change. Because you see people as a source of money, whether you like it or not. Most people can’t be with these people for the rest of their careers.

Remember, ‘What we call a relationship starts with conversations, not questions.’

Have a good communication with people who are interested in you. For example, talk to quiet people, maybe they will surprise you.


Please do this:

For example, if there is someone in the elevator, start a random conversation. Tell us about the people and hobbies that affect your life.

Stop messing with appointments, just go with the flow. Otherwise, you may miss many opportunities.

  1. Invest in your family.

You only have one family. Spend time with them.

Don’t be the kind of person who only talks to his mother over Zoom when he’s traveling the world and meeting customers, living somewhere as big as a box to make a stupid manager happy. If you are like this, you will find that your job is almost exploiting you.

Please do this:

Spend time with your family and ring your grandmother’s or grandmother’s bell while you’re still alive. Because the faster time passes, the more likely you are to lose them.

  1. Create an October source of income.

Creating an October source of income is a very good strategy, no matter how cool it may seem. If this October source of income brings in more money than your own profession, you can quit your own job and continue doing this work. At worst, you will have a small side income, but if things go well, you can discover yourself and turn to the profession you love.

Please do this:

Dec October 6 and 10 pm, do your work, which generates your additional income. Keep this going for at least 1 year. Invest and learn ways to make money online. Experience is always good.

  1. Invest in learning people’s lives!

99% of us will never meet the greats of history.

They are either dead or they have huge iron doors in front of their houses that keep foreign dangers away. Nevertheless, you do not need to know very successful people. A quality book can teleport your brain into someone else’s life.

For example, Victor Frankl. 2. He could have been taken to gas chambers like others who were smuggled into a concentration camp during World War II. Several times he had almost come close.

She survived against all odds in the harsh conditions to tell the story. The main point was that he explained the difference between the Decedent and the living…

According to him, everything depended onthe fact that the living showed a positive attitude. They didn’t let their minds beat them.

Thanks to this article, I felt like a Holocaust veteran in my veins. It seems that there are almost no such powerful stories in everyday life. What we mean is, read strange people. Non cliché. Read also the stories of people who tied balloons to a chair and tried to fly.

  1. Invest in books that add something to you besides entrepreneurship and money.

I’ve read a lot of books about money, but I haven’t read a single one that tells you to invest in homeless people.

Never mind the money, invest the time.

Try to spend time with people who are despised by society. It will help you understand the real problems. At any moment we can get ourselves out of our house and lie on the streets. Most people realize it.

it is a problem for people whose livelihoods were taken away by the 2008 economic crisis. Perhaps we can replace the homeless in another crisis that has arisen in the wake of the Corona pandemic!

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