IPhone 14 vs IPhone 14 Pro

IPhone 14 Pro
IPhone 14 Pro

Apple has made it a habit to come up with 4 new iPhone models in recent years. A new one will be added to the events that introduced two iPhone Pro and two regular iPhones this year. We have prepared a comparison for those who are considering whether to buy the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 in the coming months. In this comparison, which we compiled from the leaked and finalized information, we will try to answer the question of which iPhone 14 will be more useful for you.

Apple has been promoting normal and pro iPhone models with major events for three years. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models feature an extra camera, LIDAR sensor, a better display and a stainless steel bezel. Non-Pro models, on the other hand, have a lighter aluminum frame and more color options. In addition, normal iPhone models are much cheaper than Pro versions.

Let’s tell a little about their design, cameras, performance and battery life. If you are going to buy a new phone, you can choose in the light of this information.

IPhone 14
IPhone 14

In summary, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro:

Both devices will be the same shape and size

iPhone 14 will come in vibrant, fun colors, Pro models are generally quieter and sleeker

iPhone 14 will be lighter, Pro will have heavier stainless steel frame

60 Hz on iPhone 14, 120 Hz on iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro has telephoto lens and LiDAR sensor

Battery life should be about the same.

iPhone 14 known features are as follows:

Display: 6.1 inch 60 Hz refresh rate OLED display

Camera: Dual camera (again expected to be 12 MP)

Processor: Apple A15 Bionic

Storage: 128GB starting

Operating system: iOS 16

Memory: 4GB of RAM

Price: 829 USD

iPhone 14 Pro known features are as follows: Display: 6.1 inch 120 Hz refresh rate LTPO OLED

Camera: 48 MP triple camera setup

Processor: Apple A16 Bionic

Storage: 128GB starting

Operating system: iOS 16

Memory: 6GB RAM

Price: 1099 USD

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are expected to be almost the same size. Apple’s own ordered OLED display panels will have a 120 Hz refresh rate on Pro models. The iPhone 14 model will still continue with a 60 Hz OLED display.

The biggest innovation on the screen side will actually be in the front camera design of the iPhone 14 Pro model. Years later, Apple bids farewell to the notch with the iPhone 14 Pro. The front camera will have a perforated design. The iPhone 14 models continue with the old notched design.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 case design is not expected to change much. Again, like the iPhone 13 series, there will be metal frames and glass back surfaces. In addition, both devices are expected to have IP68 water and dust resistance certificates.

Apple has always used the same processor in the iPhone series it has released until now. So the iPhone 12 series came entirely with A14 Bionic processors. The iPhone 13 series contained A15 bionic processors. However, this balance seems to be disrupted with the iPhone 14 series. While the A15 Bionic, introduced last year, will continue to be used in the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro versions will feature A16 bionic processors.

Apple’s A16 Bionic processor will be a chipset that goes through the 4nm manufacturing process and can give much higher performance. For professional users, the A16 processor is expected to give better results in video editing.

However, in daily use, we can say that the A15 bionic processor is more than enough to fulfill your every job.

And cameras:

We can say that the biggest point where the 14 series will differ after the processors is the cameras. Because for the first time in years, Apple will use 48 MP resolution sensors on iPhone 14 Pro models. Thanks to the large sensors, it will be possible to take much better pictures in low-light environments.

It is known that the 12 MP resolution sensors that we know will continue in the standard iPhone 14 versions.

It is also certain that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a telephoto lens with 3X zoom. It also has an ultra-wide-angle camera.

It is obvious that there will be much bigger differences between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro than every year. In the light of all these features, the iPhone 14 actually looks like an iPhone 13s. However, the iPhone 14 Pro will be introduced as a true Pro phone. If you are busy with video and photography and your budget is sufficient, we can say that the iPhone 14 Pro is for you. But if you are planning to buy a phone for daily use, the iPhone 14 will be a good choice.

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