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Over the years, it is obvious how wrong those who think that fashion will pass. When I was little, every little girl’s dream was beautiful Barbie toys, and so is it.

Do you know everything about Barbie? Who is Barbie, how old is it, what are different features? Let’s get to know the beautiful Barbie together.

Barbie Deluxe
Barbie Deluxe

How was Barbie born?

When Ruth Handler realized that he loved playing with adult babies who were only in the form of paper baby, he thought that he would not produce these babies in three dimensions.

Inspired by his daughter Barbara’s name, he called the baby Barbie. Barbara Millicent Roberts Barbie is the full name of the baby. Mattel conveyed his opinion to the company and finally an agreement was reached between them. In 1959, the first Barbie baby was launched. The name of this baby was Barbie, this name was inspired by the name of Handler’s daughter Barbara.

The first year it was released, 350 thousand units were sold. He’s 60 years old. She is still very beautiful, a woman like cool wine. 

Mattel is trying to decorate our 50 fashion designers 12 hairdressers Barbie. Barbie has more than 100 professions. His first profession was a model. She also took on many nationalities like French, Italian, Eskimo.

Among the brands that dress our beautiful daughter are Givenchy, Armani, Calvin Klein and Versace.

There are people who spend a plastic operations in order to resemble the baby, for example, Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova, Nicole Sanders, Nannette Hammondte Hammond. We saw Barbie with Ken as a boyfriend, but the couple decided to leave in 2004. Later, they had a two -year relationship with the Australian surfing Blaine, and in 2011 he reconciled with Barbie Ken again.

The baby produced for Barbie’s rival is Sindy Baby for British production. Unfortunately, it was not as successful as Barbie.

In 1997, Becky was produced with the first barbie wheelchair.

You read interesting facts about Barbie. So what do you think about Barbie? Did you know the real story of Barbie? Do you find it right for children to play with Barbie babies?

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