What are Gluten-Free Fruits?


Diseases such as celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy, which we have often heard of in recent years, also cause some negative symptoms when gluten enters the body. Because of this, especially nutritionists make diet lists with gluten-free foods. Diseases or sensitivities to gluten can be a congenital condition, as well as later. Gluten, which is found in almost every food we consume on a daily basis, can make our job difficult after the development of sensitivity. Gluten can also be found in fruits, which are a storehouse of vitamins that we consume often, especially during the day. So, what are gluten-free fruits? We have compiled the answer to the question for you in our news…

It contains two main proteins in the gluten protein found in cereals such as wheat, rye, barley. These two proteins are known as glutenin and gliadin, and gliadin from these proteins is the protein responsible for most of the negative effects on human health. There are many people who remove gluten from their lives due to various diseases and conditions such as gluten sensitivity. Although more gluten-containing foods are known, there are many foods that you can also consume gluten-free. In addition, gluten-free foods are at the beginning of healthy foods. Especially people who are on a diet and remove gluten from their lives are looking for gluten-free fruits more. Here is the list of gluten-free fruits and their details…

There is gluten in almost many foods. But in some people, sensitivity to gluten that occurs later or at birth, or diseases that should not consume gluten, obliges people to choose gluten-free foods. When such people consume gluten-containing foods, they experience negative symptoms such as indigestion, bloating, weight problems, various intestinal and stomach problems, drowsiness, constant fatigue, while in some cases it can cause serious health problems.

In order not to experience such situations, it is of great importance to know gluten-free foods and prepare a conscious diet. Fruits, which are consumed a lot during the day and are an energy store, are very important for people whose gluten consumption is prohibited. But gluten-free fruits are also at least as much as gluten-containing fruits, and you can find fruits that contain high levels of vitamin C at the beginning of gluten-free fruits. Here is the list of gluten-free fruits;



Lime marbles,






Pineapple and

Prunes are among the fruits that do not contain gluten. Decoction.

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