The Founder of Tinder Is Developing Rings That Show Our Mood


There are many smart devices that we can track various activities we do, from the step we take during the day to how much we sleep at night. These smart devices, which are developing more and more every day and are a part of our lives, make our life even easier, no matter how annoying they are. Companies that develop these smart devices that allow people to see their physical condition are developing technologies that can also instantly see their mood.

Last year, a company called Ninu introduced a smart perfume that works with artificial intelligence technology and can be personalized according to mood. Recently, the world-famous football club Manchester City started to develop a smart scarf with Cisco that can understand how the fans in the stands feel. Now, a startup co-founded by Tinder founder Sean Rad is developing a smart ring that can instantly track people’s mood and stress levels.


People will be able to track their mood with the ring

Mental health; in fact, it is a very sensitive issue and should not be taken lightly. It will be best for both your mental and physical health to avoid anything that claims to heal you without support from experts trained in this field. No wearable device or non-specialist person can fix your mental health. Already, the company that developed the “Happy Ring” does not have such a claim either.

The company called Happy Health, which developed the ring, is the founder of Tinder, Sean Rad, and Dr. It was founded by Dustin Freckleton. Dr. In a statement about why they developed such a ring, Freckleton explained that he realized that people have been more stressed than ever lately, but they don’t have any smart devices to be able to understand and track exactly how they are feeling.


Noting that there are many wearable devices that can help people related to sports, Freckleton thinks that the impact of the mind on a person’s overall health is largely ignored. The founder of the company believes that a smart device that can see and track people’s emotional state will make them healthier, and he aims to do this with a smart ring.

The Happy Ring will work with a special sensor

Sean Rad, the founder of Tinder, stated that the ring with artificial intelligence will constantly provide information about the user’s mood through the app. Rad explained that scientifically proven exercises that will contribute to a person’s ability to manage stress and mood and improve their overall health by collecting all the data will be personalized by the ring.


The ring, which is described as HIPAA compliant in terms of safety and standards, does all this by using a special Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor. In addition, the ring also features four skin electrodes, two temperature sensors and a three-axis accelerometer. It was announced that the charging of the ring, which has two different color options in glossy black and glossy white, goes for three days.

Smart Rings Can Help Us in the Early Diagnosis of Coronavirus

Of course, the fact that the name of Tinder’s founder Sean Rad was also mentioned in the production of the ring suggests that the ring may also be connected to the application. However, according to the statements, there is no such development yet.

If users want to buy the ring, they have to subscribe to a subscription system starting from $ 20 per month. It is currently unclear when the ring will be released, it has been announced that it will be sold only in the United States for now.

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