What is SEI Coin?


We are reviewing together the highlights of the SEI coin, which was announced very recently.

Binance recently announced SEI on the launchpool platform. So what is SEI coin? SEI is a general-purpose blockchain platform, a Layer 1 optimized for the exchange of digital assets. This platform, which is open source, attracts attention with its various features and functionality. Here are the things that are curious about SEI coin…

    SEI Token: It is the local cryptocurrency of SEI. The main uses of the SEI token are as follows:

    Network Fees: Used to pay transaction fees.

    DPoS Validator Staking: SEI holders can stake validators to secure the network.

    Governance: Token holders ensure participation in future management decisions of the protocol.

    Local Collateral: SEI can be used as collateral for liquidity provision or applications.

    Fee Markets: Priority type fees can be paid to verifiers for transactions.

    Trading Fees: Used as a fee for stock market transactions.

SEI Coin1
SEI Coin1

Technological features:

    Twin-Turbo Consensus: Results are obtained only within 400 ms. This is much faster than other platforms.

    Smart Block Propagation: Block offers are sent to validators with transaction summaries for faster response times.

    Optimistic Block Processing: Blocks are processed immediately to serve users faster.

    Single Slot Precision: Requires validators to confirm the block before it is added to the network. This provides a more stable user experience.

    Parallelization: Sei has a capacity of 20,000 transactions per second.

    Front-Start Prevention: It uses special matching motors to prevent negative MeV.

    Local Price Prophecies: Provides more reliable trading experiences with decentralized price flows.

    Unauthorized Smart Contracts: Developers can deploy Rust-based smart contracts on Sei.

Financial Information: The project received a total equity investment of USD 35 million in three stages. 2 Billion SEI tokens will be distributed to investors. As of August 1, 2023, the total supply of SEI is 10 billion and the amount in circulation is 1.8 billion. This amount corresponds to 18% of the total token supply.

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