MSI, Accidentally 14. Announced the Features of the Next Generation of Intel Processors


MSI, by mistake, is Intel’s 14th. he also released a video featuring the features of the next generation processor. As a result, some of the features of the processors that will be introduced in September have already been revealed.

14 of U.S.-based semiconductor giant Intel. it is a well-known fact that it has been working on generation processors for a long time. Even some information about these processors has already been leaked. Now there has been another leak about the upcoming processors. The source of the leak, this time, was the world-famous technology company MSI.


MSI accidentally posted a video that it had left unlisted on its original YouTube channel. This video contained technical training content in which MSI’s upcoming motherboards were shown on computers. Everything has been normal so far. But in one scene of the video, 14. there was a small slide about the next generation of Intel processors, and on this slide, the features of Intel’s new processors were shown. MSI removed the video after noticing the error, but information about the new processors has already spread on the Internet.
The Intel Core i7-14700K will be 17 percent faster than its predecessor!


Intel 14. generation processor features

Looking at MSI’s in-house training video, 13. with generation processors 14. we will see that there are no big differences between the generation processors in general. Dec. In this context; according to the video, both series will have the same architecture that has undergone a 10 nm production process. Also; 13. with generation processors 14. there will be an average performance Deceleration of 3 percent among the next generation processors. Except for the Intel Core i7-14700K.

The Intel Core i7-13700K had 8 performance-oriented cores and 8 productivity-oriented cores. According to MSI’s video, the Intel Core i7-14700K will have 8 performance cores accompanied by 12 efficiency cores. This difference will make the Intel Core i7-14700K 17 percent faster than its predecessor. At the event to be held in September, Intel’s 14th. we will have the opportunity to see in full detail what the generation processors will offer.


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