An 8 cm Live Worm Was Removed From a Woman’s Brain: So How Was This Possible?


It was announced that an 8-centimeter-long worm was removed from the brain of a woman in Australia. The worm that was extracted alive made medical history as the first in the literature. So how was this possible?

It has been announced that there has been an event that has made medical history in Australia. In an incident last year, it was reported that an 8-centimeter-long worm was removed from a woman’s brain. Moreover, the roundworm in question was alive. Let’s take a closer look at this unprecedented event together.

The woman in question was admitted to the hospital due to ailments such as stomach pain, diarrhea, forgetfulness, depression, cough and night sweats. At the end of the treatment process, which continued for more than a year, it was found that the woman had a lesion in her brain. Specialists took the woman into surgery thinking that this was like other cases. The surgery performed in June 2022 led to an event that no one expected. It turned out that the wire-like object removed from the brain was actually a worm.
So how was this possible? How can a worm get into a human brain?


In the story of the sick woman, there is information that there is a lake around the place where she lives, and greens are collected from the vicinity of this lake to be consumed. Based on this, scientists think that the woman may have contracted this parasite due to the greenery she collected around the lake. According to estimates, the carpet python’s feces smeared on the collected greenery. When the woman ate the greens, she got a parasite, and this event that made medical history happened…

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