The Time Machine Allegedly Hidden in the Vatican!


Considered sacred by millions of Catholic Christians around the world, the Vatican is at the center of many interesting claims and urban legends. Some claim that the Vatican’s manuscripts are full of ancient secrets thousands of years old. But the mysteries of the Vatican are not limited to manuscripts. The city-state, the seat of the Papacy, is allegedly hiding a kind of time machine called the Chronovisor! Let’s look at the details together.

The Vatican is home to many interesting objects, some dating back thousands of years. Ancient manuscripts, historical artifacts and unique works of art are just some of them

Time Machine1
Time Machine1

The mysterious nature of the Vatican has made this religious center the focus of many legends

Time Machine2
Time Machine2

But no object, manuscript or artwork in this religious center is as strange and mysterious as the Chronovisor! So what is the Chronovisor?

Time Machine3
Time Machine3

The Chronovisor is a kind of time machine allegedly invented in the 1950s by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a Vatican chaplain

Ernetti, who is also a scientist and inventor, is claimed to have invented the Chronovisor with the help of a team including prominent scientists such as Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun.

Using mysterious materials, Vatican priest Ernetti claims to have invented a device that can magnetically pick up sound and light waves and focus them on a specific period thanks to a “direction finder”

Time Machine4
Time Machine4 (Ernetti)

The screen on the device shows the events of the desired time! So Chronovisor cannot take people to the past. However, thanks to this device, events in the past can be monitored. In the light of this claim, Chronovisor is also called “the Vatican’s door to the past”

Ernetti claims that thanks to the Chronovisor, Marcus Tullius Cicero was able to watch a senate speech and the crucifixion of Jesus in 63 BC!

Not content with this extraordinary claim, the clergyman also claimed to have photographed the prophet Jesus thanks to his curious invention.
Pellegrino Ernetti defended his claim that the device existed until his death in 1994, claiming that it was kept by the Vatican to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands

Time Machine5
Time Machine5 (A drawing purportedly showing the design of the Chronovisor)

Shortly before his death, he also stated that he was forbidden by the Vatican to make detailed statements about the Chronovisor. A 1988 Vatican decree strengthens the case that the device may be real

In 1988, the Vatican announced that people using Chronovisor-like devices would be excommunicated!

There are many people who believe that the Chronovisor was actually invented and used by Ernetti. Of course, there are also many who believe that the whole story is a figment of Ernetti’s vivid imagination.

In fact, some sources say that Ernetti admitted that the whole story was a fabrication some time before his death. In the shadow of all this controversy, Chronovisor remains the greatest Vatican mystery…


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