Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends?


If you think that the smartest person in your class is lonely because he doesn’t have social skills, it’s time to think again.Let’s expand the framework a little more in order to increase the examples: You have probably witnessed that the “intelligent” characters depicted in many novels or movies can always be at peace with loneliness or happy with few people.Although it seems that the reason for this situation is to make loneliness and character seem more charismatic by separating from other people, research has shown a different result.

the happiness values of 15 thousand people between the ages of 18 December and 28 December were examined.

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In a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, Norman Li (Singapore Management University) and Satoshi Kanazawa (London School of Economics) concluded that intelligent people do not enjoy interacting with people as much.

Psychologists conducted a study measuring the happiness level of 15 thousand people from different IQ levels and tried to measure people’s happiness levels under two different situations.In the first case, people socialized with each other. They chatted with each other for a long time in a relaxed atmosphere and interacted as they wished.In the second case, their relationship with the outside was cut off and they were completely alone.

While people with low and medium intelligence spent their most enjoyable moments socializing, people with high intelligence felt great pleasure from the serenity brought by loneliness.

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People with high intelligence found peace while staying alone with their thoughts and channeling their intense focusing impulses to a single point.However, people with high intelligence levels felt more unhappy when spending time with people around them. On this topic, the researchers brought the following comment:

“Because people with a high level of intelligence usually harbor skepticism in their characters, it tires their minds much more when socializing. At the same time, they have a tendency to notice the mistakes and negative behavior of people around them. In this way, they begin to avoid unpredictable behavior too much. In this direction, when choosing narrow circles of friends, they are trying to protect the relationship for as long as possible by searching for the right person with great care.”

While people with normal intelligence level make friends for emotional support and attention needs, smart people meet these needs with books.

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According to research, high-intelligent people who get their emotional support and guidance from books need much less emotional support than people with moderate and low intelligence.Therefore, they may tend to establish their social relations more interest-oriented. This is also the reason why intelligent people are more manipulative than other people. Because they can analyze people’s emotional needs more easily, they can direct them to the point they want. Like a pianist who plays the same instrument expertly, people know which key corresponds to which note and can play the piece they want.

Intelligent people need people less; they need to be busy more.

When we look at people who have been called high intelligence in history, we observe that they do not have a very active social life in parallel with the research. Many geniuses from science to literature, such as Tesla, Newton, Kafka, Nietzsche, did not seem to enjoy socializing much. They needed more to spend time with the spaces they produced, not people. That was the source of their success.

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