7 Things That Make You Less Attractive in the Eyes of Other People


When it comes to attractiveness, the first thing that comes to our mind is physical characteristics. However, charm does not consist only in external appearance! Research shows that many of the factors behind our attraction to people are actually psychological, not visual. For example, if a very beautiful woman has a terrible personality, she is directly at the end of the list. So no matter how much you work on your appearance, some of your character traits can undermine your work.

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We have researched and compiled the details that make you less attractive in the eyes of other people. Here are 7 things you should give up as soon as possible!

Not resting well

In 2010, Swedish and Dutch researchers compared photos of people who slept for 8 hours with people who did not sleep for 31 hours. According to the results, participants who were deprived of sleep were perceived as less healthy and less attractive. Because people who are sleep deprived seem to be sadder because of droopy eyelids, red eyes, bruises under the eyes and pale skin color.

Being very fast, very clear

Are you someone who shares too much information with people he has just met? Research shows that when it comes to dating, staying mysterious gives more positive results. People who share everything are perceived as less attractive.


Hugging too much

Although it sounds interesting, you need to create some space for your potential partner. Constant physical contact, you appreciate, can have a negative impact. When you give each other a little space, you will notice that the attraction between you increases Decently.

Being rude


In a 2014 study, participants looked at photos of people with expressionless faces. The results show that having a negative expression or a neutral expression greatly reduces your attractiveness. People are attracted to people they find friendly and warm.

Being too stressed

When our cortisol levels rise, our body and face begin to swell. Therefore, we look different than usual. Although we don’t realize it most of the time, the difference between our stressed and stress-free appearance is quite noticeable. Dec. Research confirms that stressed people are perceived as less attractive.

Acting indifferent towards other people

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People around you can easily understand your indifference. Uninterested people are usually found to be less attractive. In fact, ignoring the people around you and not paying attention to them is perceived as a kind of rudeness.

Lacking a sense of humor

Research shows that the funnier you are, the more attractive you are! Of course, lacking a sense of humor also negatively affects your attractiveness. No one likes sulky people.

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