Scientists Warn: The World’s Population May Fall to 100 Million!


This incredible increase in the number of people living on our planet also brings with it some serious dangers. Scientists are making alarming warnings in this direction. Some experts say that due to the increase in the world population, there may be a “civilization collapse” in the near future and the human population may fall by up to 100 million! Let’s look at the world population and the problems it brings together.
Today, as humanity, we are more numerous on earth than we have ever been before. Rapidly developing technology and advances in the field of medicine are among the important causes of population Deceleration

But there are also dangers that this situation brings with it. Some experts believe that extinction is inevitable as long as the world’s population growth continues in this way!
According to population ecologist William Rees from the University of British Columbia in Canada, humanity may face a “population breeding” in the near future!

World population1
World population1

Ress says that in the coming period, the human population may decrease rapidly and fall by up to 100 million

”Humanity exhibits the characteristic features of the population explosion-decline cycle,” the scientist says, adding that the global economy will inevitably contract and the world’s population may decrease significantly this century

According to Rees, if the world’s population continues to grow at this rate, the collapse of civilization is inevitable! The scientist also notes that only the richest and most resilient societies can survive in a possible collapse

World population2
World population2

According to the scientist, who pointed out that humanity has evolved to multiply exponentially in the historical process, expand geographically and consume existing resources, all this has helped humanity reach its full potential
However, these elements are also the source of important threats against humanity
Because of the unconscious and excessive consumption of resources, human-caused destruction and short-term plans, the world is 6. he has brought it to the brink of mass extinction once!

On the other hand, William Rees is not the only name that warns of the dangerous consequences of rapid growth on the world’s population
world population
Stanford University biologist Tony Barnosky also said that the world is facing the worst mass extinction since the dinosaurs.

World population3
World population3

According to scientists, the world’s population exceeding 8 billion may cause the collapse of the systems that allow life
In this direction, food shortages, wars and diseases that will occur due to an increasing population are some of the elements that may cause a serious decrease in the number of people on our planet

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