10 Benefits of Island Tea


The history of island tea dates back to ancient times. It has been decorating our gardens as a medicinal plant from the past to the present. It is consumed often, both because of its sweet smell and because it gives health. Sometimes in the form of incense, sometimes tea. He also participates in the dishes, adds a pleasant smell and aroma to the cooked food. There is also a legend about ısland tea as follows:

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When the Virgin Mary had to escape the wrath of Herod along with her baby Jesus, she asked all the flowers in the meadow for help to hide herself, but no flowers answered her. That’s when the island tea bent down and the Virgin Mary found a place of refuge. He hid from Herod’s soldiers by getting Decently among its dense and protective leaves, and the soldiers passed by without seeing him. After the danger was averted, the Virgin Mary came out of hiding and said to the island tea in her sweet voice: “From this moment on, you will forever be the flower that people love the most. I make you strong enough to protect people from all diseases. Save them from death as you did me!” Since then, sage tea has been blooming again every year to heal and help people.” (Wikipedia)


Let’s come to the benefits of island tea:

1- It ensures the elimination of toxins from the body and cleanses the body.

2- It is good for depression and stress. It has a calming effect.

3- Delays the aging process, strengthens memory.

4- Relieves post-menopausal symptoms.

5- Slows down the whitening of hair.

6- It is effective in the treatment of urinary tract infection.

7- Minimizes the cellulite problem.

8- Reduces excessive sweating.

9- Relieves a sore throat. It can also be used as mouthwash water.

10- The incense version banishes bad energies, neutralizes the living space.


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