The 6 Most Common Mistakes Made in Cleaning The House


A cleansing ritual is also good for us. We get refreshed with cleaning, we get hope. That’s why we need to do a good and effective spring cleaning. And also in these pandemic days, when we pay more attention to cleanliness than ever. So, are there any points that we don’t pay attention to when cleaning the house? For example, some cleaning mistakes that we make without realizing it. Now I’m going to tell you about the 6 most common mistakes made in cleaning the house. If the Fisfis sprays and microfiber cloths are ready, we’re starting!

home cleaning 1
home cleaning 1

1- Skip cleaning some surfaces. For example, mirrors, the inside of the shower cabin, sinks, the inside of the washing machine and dishwasher, drawers and the inside of the refrigerator.

Instead of spraying the filter directly on the place to be cleaned, spray it on a microfiber cloth and wipe it like that. It becomes more effective this way.

2- Doing the cleaning at the wrong hours. For example, window panes should be cleaned during the hours when the sun does not hit. That’s why it’s a better way to delete it early in the morning.

3- Always using the same dish sponge. Clean the dish sponge and wire every time. Because they can turn into bacterial nests.

You can throw the Decanter sponge and wire into the dishwasher occasionally. Also, don’t forget to renew it Decently.

4- Throwing everything in the dishwasher. Some kitchen utensils may spoil in the dishwasher. For example, wooden spoons, teflon pans, such as quality knives.

5- Not cleaning the seat surfaces. Especially if you have a pet, you will see more clearly that you need to do this process regularly.

6- Not cleaning the toilet brush. Probably the tool that accumulates the most bacteria on it is a toilet brush. That’s why you should disinfect it often and change it often.

home cleaning 2
home cleaning 2

Reminder: Don’t forget to use cleaning gloves when cleaning.

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