What is Kevlar, Which Is Five Times Stronger Than Steel, and Where Is It Used?


What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is a lightweight, carbon-based and very strong fiber material invented by DuPont company in 1965. This material, which is usually used for defense purposes, has a thin filamentous structure and is resistant to high tensile stress. The tensile strength of kevlar is five times higher than steel. Kevlar is currently used in the production of many different things, such as fireproof protective clothing, armor and sturdy rope making. Since we have learned what Kevlar is, let’s continue.

Characteristics of Kevlar:

    High Strength: Kevlar has a strength about five times stronger than steel. For this reason, it is preferred for making protective equipment such as ballistic vests, armor, helmets.


    Lightness: Kevlar is a fairly lightweight material despite its high strength. This provides an advantage especially in applications that require portability and mobility.

    Chemical Resistance: Kevlar is resistant to many chemical substances. For this reason, it can be used in industrial uses and areas where there are chemical interactions.

    High Energy Absorption Capacity: Kevlar has a high energy absorption capacity. This helps to reduce damage by absorbing energy in impact and collision situations.

The areas of use of Kevlar are quite wide:


    Protective Equipment: Used in military and security applications such as ballistic vests, armor, helmets.

    Industrial Products: Thanks to its high strength, it is used in products such as industrial belts, coating materials, hoses.

    Aerospace and Aviation: It can be used in aerospace applications such as spacecraft, aircraft parts.

    Sports Equipment: It is preferred in sports equipment such as canoe, kayak, bicycle due to its light weight and durability.

    Automotive: Its use can be seen in automobile tires, braking systems and vehicle parts.

The structure, properties and durability of Kevlar allow it to offer a wide range of uses. For this reason, it is a valuable material used in many industries and applications.

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